HAST Announcements

Virtual Day Thursday, 2/19/2015

Today will be a total virtual day due to the extremely cold weather.

Students, please check your emails for your assignments to submit to your teachers by their designated due time in order for your attendance to be accounted for today.

Any questions, please contact your teachers.

Stay warm!

MS Science Olympiad

Congratulations to our Middle School Science Olympiad team for coming in second place over the weekend at the regional tournament held at Purdue Calumet!  The team’s hard work paid off, with students medalling in 20 of the 23 events.  The second place finish sends HAST to the state competition next month at Indiana University Bloomington! Good luck!!

scio1 scio2

scio3scio4 scio5

Virtual Learning Day 2/2/15

Please read the following email very carefully, parents, students, and staff.

HAST has just this last week received approval by the Indiana Department of Education to use ‘virtual learning days’ for our make up days for the weather emergency days that we have left to recover.  We also have this option for any upcoming emergency closings.

What this means…
1) Students are not required to come to the building tomorrow2/2/15, due to the weather.
2) However, students will be given assignments by their teachers by 9 a.m..  Electronic assignments will be posted by every teacher.  Students will be told via email where they will need to look to find the assignments, i.e. My Big Campus, HAST email, teacher websites, etc.
3) Students will need to submit their work electronically with each of their teachers as proof of their ‘attendance’. This will need to take place by 3:00 p.m. at the latest.  A student who checks in with NO teachers on this day will be marked absent for the day.  A student who only checks in with SOME of their teachers will be marked absent from those classes, just as if they didn’t show up in the building.
4) Any student who receives learning accommodations, per their IEP, will have these same accommodations extended to them to the best degree possible.
5) The building will open at the regular time for students who need to use our network to access their work.  The building will stay open as long as there are students here working.  That said, if the last student leaves at 10 a.m., the building will close at 10 a.m.  We will keep physical attendance for those students who actually come to the building.
6) If you do not have wi-fi at home, in addition to our school, students can get access at the Hammond Public Library and a number of other local and regional restaurants, i.e. Panera, Starbucks, McDonalds, etc.
7) We will use these same procedures on 2/16/15 and 3/27/15, as well as any additional emergency closings that we may have this year.
As a school of Science and Technology, we are perfectly poised to conduct a virtual learning day.  There are a number of other districts in the state who use this virtual learning option as well.
Let me know what questions you might have.  I’ll do my best to answer, as this is clearly a new process for us, as well.